Instagram Feed, Aesthetic and Consistency

One of the biggest benefits of using Lightroom presets is that you’re able to maintain a cohesive Instagram aesthetic and consistency across all your images. Use the same preset on all of your images and your feed will POP. Having an Instagram feed that looks curated and edited will help you stand out from the crowd and convert your visitors to new Instagram followers.

So when it comes to selecting your presets, try to be consistent with the preset you use for all your Instagram feed images. You can also find a collections that are complementary to each other so that you can use different presets, but they still look great next to each other!

Unedited Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed after applying Lightroom Preset

If you start swapping and changing presets with different tones, you’re going to struggle to get that look.

One of the easiest ways to help curate your Instagram feed is by being able to preview what your images will look like side by side, and on top and below of one another.

If you’re taking photos on your phone or editing on the go, the Lightroom CC mobile app is a great option for you! It’s quick, easy to navigate, and completely free.

Start by downloading the Lightroom CC mobile app either from the App Store or Google Play.

Then, you’ll need to a mobile Lightroom preset and get it set up in your mobile app. We have a simple step-by-step guides for iPhone and Android phones.

Now that you have your preset photo installed, it’s time to add the photos that you want to edit from your camera roll!

Once you have imported your photos, you’ll want to to apply Preset from lower menu.


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